Tools & Test Equipment




Marine Engine Diagnostic Software can help diagnose real engine problems
on most outboard and sterndrive engines.

Currently, we can diagnose the following brands of engine:

  • Mercury Marine

  • Mercury G3

  • Mercruiser

  • Yamaha

  • Johnson / Evinrude

  • Suzuki

  • Sterndrive

  • CAN bus

  • Honda

What can M.E.D.S. do for you?

  • Read fault codes for efficient troubleshooting
  • Static test the critical components of the motor
  • Create a detailed M.E.D.S. Check Report for the customer
  • Save time and money in the service shop

CDI Electronics has packaged all of the necessary tools for
troubleshooting the outboard engine electrical system in one
handy toolbox!

Our tool kits include multimeters, DVA adapters, spark testers,
and other related test tools for the service professional. This is a
perfect tool kit for the mobile service department.

No more wasting time searching for the meter or spark tester…
all of the necessary test tools are in one toolbox!


Any service work performed in the ignition system of an outboard
engine requires the use of a multimeter.

CDI Electronics offers a line of multimeters and accessories that
are great tools to help efficiently troubleshoot the electronic system.

These meters are internally shielded to protect the display from EMI
(Electromagnetic Interference) generated on most outboard engines.
This EMI can cause output errors in some traditional,
unshielded multimeters.


CDI Electronics manufactures many different test harnesses to aid
in troubleshooting most outboard engine brands.

Remote starter harnesses are ideal for isolating the engine under
test from the vessel.

Specialized harnesses for Johnson / Evinrude, Mercury Marine,
and other brands are available to the service professional.


A spark tester can help diagnose ignition related failures by
“visually showing” the integrity of the spark.

CDI Electronics manufactures several different styles of spark
testers, from single cylinder testers to 8 cylinder spark gap tools.

Remember to always use caution when testing with a spark tester
tool. Outboard ignitions can generate a high voltage output from
the system…upwards of 30,000 volts. Be careful!


This combination hand-held tool allows for both pressure testing
and vacuum testing.

Verify seals in the lower unit or test pressure in the mid-section
using this tester. A simple flip of the valve (located on the side
of the tool) changes the tester from vacuum to pressure.

The dual purpose gauge is easy to read and rotates 360° for
ease of handling.


CDI Electronics is the authorized distributor for quality GXT
Timing Lights.

Made for the service professional, these tiing lights perform
great in testing the outboard engine components. These tools
are shielded to better protect from EMI (Electromagnetic

These timing lights include features such as digital tachometer,
precise timing, and it’s packaged in a robust case for years
of use.


CDI Electronics offers a variety of replacement spark plug
wires for many outboard engine applications.

Copper core spark plug wires are available for those older
engines and are designed to replace the OEM Wire.

Inductive spark plug wires are also available for the newer
engines where EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) becomes
an issue in the electronic circuit.

Spark plug accessories, such as replacement boots and
restrictive spark plug boots are also available for
many engines.


This best selling tool is durable and perfect for the service
department. The teardrop design helps prevent accidental
spills due to tipping the container.

The translucent container holds 3 gallons of lubricant and the
clear flow tube allows you to see the flow of oil while in operation.

This container also contains an assortment of lower-unit fill
nozzles for most outboard engine brands plus a check valve
venting system that allows removal without losing lubricant.


Needing a connector or terminal for that outboard engine? CDI
Electronics stocks thousands of connectors and terminals for almost
any marine related electrical system.

Exact replacement connectors for many OEM products, plus
specialized connectors are available in various quantities.

We have packaged many popular styles of terminals and connectors
for the outboard engine in need of service. A variety terminal kit
is also available to cover many wiring applications that you
may encounter.