Q: What computer requirements are needed for M.E.D.S.?
Platforms: Windows 10 Operating System / Intel I5 Dual Core processor @2.5 Ghz or greater Recommended I7 Quad Core @ 2.5 Ghz or greater / USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Port / 10 GByte  of Free Hard Disk Space,  Recommended 50 GBytes or greater / 4 GByte  of RAM,  Recommended 8 GBytes or greater / Tablets running Windows 10 with a USB port. Processor must be I5 Dual Core @ 2.5 Ghz or better / Screen Resolution of 1360×768 or higher
 Q: What tablets work with M.E.D.S.? 
Microsoft’s Surface Tablet or any other tablet with a USB port running Windows 10
Q: How do I upgrade M.E.D.S.?
Before installing your new M.E.D.S. software, you must uninstall the M.E.D.S. software you currently have on your computer. Activation of your new software can be done online once you install the software or you can contact CDI Electronics for offline activation. Your existing customer’s stored files are kept in a separate M.E.D.S. folder. 
Q: What engines can M.E.D.S. diagnose?
Click here for a complete list of engines supported by M.E.D.S.
Q: Can I configure a vessel which has CANbus technology using M.E.D.S.?
Currently, M.E.D.S. will not allow you to configure vessels with CANbus technology. We are researching these opportunities and will be releasing this feature in a future upgrade.
Q: Can M.E.D.S. have multiple users?
Yes, the M.E.D.S software can be loaded on up to three laptops and/or tablets. If you would like to install M.E.D.S. on more than three devices, please contact CDI Electronics.
Q: What reports can I generate using M.E.D.S.?
M.E.D.S. will allow you to measure many critical areas of the engine. Here is just a sample of the reports available: Run History, individual static test results, M.E.D.S. Check Report, and much more. 
Q: Can I see a run history file on the engine using M.E.D.S.?
Yes, M.E.D.S. will display the standard and the lifetime run history of the engine’s control module. Simply connect the platform cable to the engine control module, turn the key switch ON, and click the HISTORY icon on the home page of M.E.D.S. The lifetime run history cannot be cleared. This date is basically the odometer of the engine. Use this date to determine the habits of the boat owners. (do they drive the vessel at low RPM’s?)
Q: How do I register the software?
If you are connected to the internet, M.E.D.S. will automatically register online. If you do not have access to the internet, please call CDI Electronics for the offline activation code.
Q: Where can I purchase the system?
Contact any authorized CDI Electronics Distributor for your M.E.D.S. system. Click here to find a distributor near you.
Q: What if I have a questions about how to use M.E.D.S?
M.E.D.S. contains a context HELP file which can answer most issues during the use of M.E.D.S. CDI’s Technical Support Team is the best in the industry and are only a phone call away. Dial toll-free 1.800.467.3371 and one of our friendly Support Staff will be happy to help you get your question answered.