Financing Program

How it Works

  • Work with your favorite Distributor or Call CDI at (800)467-3371
  • Complete a one-page credit application
  • Select your M.E.D.S. Bundle and Financing Terms
  • Preliminary credit approval is granted in 1-2 hours
  • Sign the Financing Contract and make your first monthly payment
  • CDI Electronics ships M.E.D.S. to your shop
  • Confirm Receipt to CDI and M.E.D.S. is Yours!


You can acquire M.E.D.S. with a modest monthly payment as you use M.E.D.S. to generate service revenue. Choose between payment terms of 24,36, 48 or 60 months to manage the size of your monthly payments. Your Finance agreement is not based on a credit card, so you are free to use your existing credit card capacity for other business purposes.

The Financing Program is available for any M.E.D.S. Bundle as shown below. If you do not require Financing, then make your best deal through the CDI Distributor of your choice. If you select the Financing Program, shown below are estimates of your monthly payments. 

Click Here to Download and Print a M.E.D.S. Financing Application

 M.E.D.S Bundle Number 24 Month
Term Payment*
36 Month
Term Payment*
48 Month
Term Payment*
60 Month
Term Payment*
 M.E.D.S. Basic Bundle:
   531-0200T1  (Merc/Yam/Evin)
 $142/mo $101/mo $82/mo $69/mo
 M.E.D.S. Standard Bundle:
   531-0500T  (Merc/Yam/Evin/Suz/Hon/MEFI 1-4)
 $207/mo $147/mo $118/mo $101/mo
 M.E.D.S. Professional Bundle:
   531-0500T3  (Merc/Yam/Evin/Suz/Hon/MEFI/SeaDoo/CANBus)
$250/mo $178/mo $143/mo $122/mo

*Your actual payment may vary based upon the interest rate assigned by our Finance Partner that corresponds to your credit rating.