Repairs Listing

CDI Electronics repairs a number of discrete OEM ignition components where the volumes are insufficient for us to design and tool up our own production part.  Listed below are over 200 repair candidates.  If you identify your part on the list below, simply contact CDI Customer Service to place a repair order and you will receive an RMA# to ship the unit to our factory for repair.  If you do not find the part you require for repair, call our Technical Service line to inquire about our capability to add this part to our repairs offering.

Part Number Description
R11350A 8 Mercury EFI
R11350A52 Mercury Efi (Eprom Upgrade Only)
R1201684 Stator
R130-0001 Pulsar Coil
R130-0002 Trigger Coil
R170-3726 Stator, Kawasaki
R173-0725 Stator
R173-0726 Omc Stator (Battery Cd)
R173-0744 Omc Stator-Battery Cd
R177-0001 Yamaha Stator
R178-0001 Stator, Suzuki 150-200 HP
R179-0001 Exciter Coil, M18C2/NS18C2
R179-0002 Stator Coil Set
R179-0003 Exciter Coil, NS70C
R180-0001 Mariner/Yamaha Lighting Coil Assembly
R180-0002 Mariner/Yamaha Charge Coil Assembly
R189-0001 Tohatsu Exciter Coil
R29999 Mercury Electric Starter Wiring Harness
R30471-4 Wiring Harness
R30540-881-732 Pulser Coil
R31630-881-004 Charge Coil
R32101-92E11 Suzuki Stator
R32101-92E2 Stator, Suzuki
R32900-94421 Suzuki Cd 1986-1995 40 Hp
R332-4172 Mercury Switch Box
R332-4315A 1 Mecury Trigger
R332-4797 Mercury Trigger
R332-4911A 3 Mercury Snowmobile Switch Box
R333-3213 Mercury Switch Box
R336-4516 Mercury Ignition Module
R338-4731A 1 Mercury Trigger
R338-4996A 1 Mercury Trigger
R338-5286A 1 Mercury Trigger, 2 Cyl
R345062220M Nissan/Tohatsu Trigger Coil
R345301 Chrysler (Motorola) Amplifier
R346062210M Nissan/Tohatsu Exciter Coil
R346062230M Nissan/Tohatsu Alternator Coil
R362-060220M Trigger Coil
R369060601M Kokusan Cdi
R37707 Mercruiser Voltage Regulator
R383440 Omc Voltage Regulator
R393-2918 Mercury Trigger
R398-2171 Mercury Stator
R398-2996 Mercury Stator
R398-2997 Mercury Stator
R398-4634 Mercury Stator
R398-6097A3 Mercury Snowmobile Stator
R398-821935K 1 Mercury Stator
R398-821935K 2 Mercury Stator (6 Pin Conn.)
R3A3-06240-0M Tohatsu Cd Module 2 Cyl
R3AA70650M Nissan/Tohatsu Rectifier/Regulator
R3B7061200M Nissan/Tohatsu Exciter Coil
R3B7061201M Nissan/Tohatsu Exciter Coil
R3B7061302M Nissan/Tohatsu Pulsar Coil Assy
R3B7061600M Nissan/Tohatsu Ignition Module
R3B7760653M Nissan/Tohatsu Rectifier/Regulator
R3C7061230M Nissan/Tohatsu Exciter Coil
R3C7061301M Nissan/Tohatsu Pulsar Coil Assy
R3C8061200M Nissan/Tohatsu Exciter Coil
R3C8061230M Nissan/Tohatsu Alternator Coil
R3C8-06160-0 Tohatsu Cdi Remove Limit
R3G2060020M Tohatsu Stator Plate Assy
R3G2060210M Nissan/Tohatsu Exciter Coil
R3G2060220M Nissan/Tohatsu Pulsar Coil Assy
R3G2060230M Tohatsu Alternator
R3G3060210M Exciter Coil
R3G3060211M Exciter Coil
R3R3760600M Nissan/Tohatsu Pulsar Coil Assy
R4010257 Stator/Trigger (Ign. Controller) For 1999 Polaris Sltx Pwc
R420995105 Sea-Doo Stator Plate Magneto 1988-1991
R420995109 1992 Seadoo Xp Stator
R440211 Omc Power Pack
R445128 Omc Stator
R445132 Omc Power Pack
R466095 Force Stator
R474-0001 Boat Side Wire Harness, 15 ft
R474475K 2 Chrysler Coil Kit
R474475K 4 Chrysler Coil Kit
R474475RT 4 Chrysler Coil
R474744-1 Chrysler Harness
R510029 Force Sensor – 2 Cyl
R525301 Force Stator/2 Cyl
R529029 Force Sensor (2 Cyl)
R530-0110 M.E.D.S. Interface Adaptor, MEFI 1-4
R530-0111 M.E.D.S. Interface Adapter, CANbus
R530-0112 M.E.D.S. Interface Adapter, Honda
R533-0110 M.E.D.S RS-485 to RS-232 Interface Adapter, Evin
R533-0112 M.E.D.S USB Seadoo Main Cable
R534-0110 M.E.D.S USB to Engine Interface Adapter Mercury
R534-0114 M.E.D.S USB to Engine Interface Adapter Mercury G3
R537-0110 M.E.D.S RS-485 to K-Line Interface Adapter, Yam
R538-0110 Suzuki MEDS Cable
R567540 Omc Racing Stator
R567774 Omc Voltage Regulator
R580648 Omc Stator 15 Amp (Battery)
R580650 Omc Stator (Battery)
R580668 Omc Stator
R581302 Omc Stator
R581709 Omc Pp, 4 Cyl. O/B
R581730 Omc Stator – Manual Start
R581974 Wiring Harness
R582097 Omc Stator
R582099RS Omc Stator (Racing) 4 Coil Use W/Pp4
R582345 Omc Stator
R582426 Omc Stator
R583082 Wiring Harness
R583099 Omc Harness – 1985 40-60 Hp
R583354 Omc Stator
R583729 Omc Stator 9 Amp
R584044 Omc Cd6 Sl 5800
R584218 Omc Harness – 1991 40-50 Hp
R585035 Omc Voltage Regulator
R603-0001 Power Distribution Panel
R610759 Eska 1 Cyl. Tractor (Tecumseh)
R610851B Eska Ignition 1 Cyl (1973-87)
R610906 Tecumseh 1 Cyl Ignition Module
R61A-85510-02-00 Yamaha Stator, 6 Cyl. 3.1
R61A-85895-00-00 Yamaha Crank Sensor
R61N-81303-09-00 Yamaha Lighting Coil
R61N-85541-09-00 Yamaha Charge Coil
R61N-85541-19-00 Yamaha Charge Coil
R61N-85543-09-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R61N-85543-19-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R63D-85520-00 Yamaha Stator Coil
R63D-85580-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R64638A 1 Mercury Stator
R648-81970-41-00 Mariner/Yamaha Rectifier/Regulator
R64D-85580-00-00 Yamaha Trigger
R654029-2 Force Sensor
R655-81311-A0-00 Yamaha Primary Coil
R655-81312-A0-00 Yamaha Primary Coil
R663-81313-A0-00 Yamaha Lighting Coil
R663-85541-A0-00 Yamaha Charge Coil
R663-85565-A0-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R663-85580-10-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R677-81303-60-00 Mariner/Yamaha Lighting Coil
R677-81303-F0-00 Yamaha Lighting Coil
R677-81311-F0-00 Yamaha Lighting Coil
R689-81303-A0-00 Yamaha Lighting Coil
R689-85580-40-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R68F-81410-00-00 Yamaha Stator 150 Hp 2001
R695-85520-70-00 Yamaha 25 Hp Charge Coil
R695-85580-70-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R697-85520-00-00 YAMAHA CHARGE COIL
R697-85560-A1-00 Yamaha C55/60 Stator
R697-85580-10-00 YAMAHA PULSAR COIL
R6A8-85580-40-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R6E7-81303-40-00 Yamaha Lighting Coil
R6E7-81303-A0-00 Mariner/Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R6E7-85520-70-00 Mariner/Yamaha Charge Coil
R6E7-85580-70-00 Mariner/Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R6E9-85520-70-00 Yamaha Charge Coil
R6E9-85533-70-00 Yamaha Lighting Coil
R6E9-85540-71-00 Yamaha Cdi
R6E9-85580-70-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R6F0-85520-A0-00 Yamaha Charge Coil
R6F5-85520-00-00 Yamaha Charge Coil
R6F5-85533-00-00 Yamaha Lighting Coil
R6F5-85580-00-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R6G0-85580-70-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R6G5-85580-11-00 Yamaha Trigger Coil
R6G6-85510-00-00 Stator, Yamaha
R6G6-85580-00-00 Trigger, Yamaha
R6G8-85510-01-00 Yamaha Stator F9.9 1992-2005
R6G8-85540-22-00 Yamaha Power Pack 3Cyl
R6G9-85510-01-00 Stator
R6H0-85510-01-00 Yamaha Stator
R6H0-85510-03-00 Yamaha 3 Cyl 2000 To 2005
R6H0-85580-00-00 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R6H2-85520-02-00 Yamaha Charge Coil
R6H3-85510-A0 Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R6H3-85520-00-RS Charge Coil (Racing)
R6H4-85520-00-00 Yamaha Charge Coil
R6H4-85533-A0-00 Yamaha Lighting Coil
R6H5-85520-00-00 Charge Coil
R6H5-85533-01-00 Lighting Coil
R6H5-85580-00 Yamaha Trigger Coil
R6J8-85520-00-00 Yamaha Charge Coil
R6L2-85520-10-00 Yamaha Charge Coil
R6L2-85520-F0-00 Yamaha Charge Coil
R6L2-85592-F1-00 Pulsar Coil
R6L2-85595-F1-00 Pulsar Coil
R6N7-85510-00-00 Yamaha Stator
R6R3-85510-00-00 Yamaha Stator, 6 Cyl.
R74324A 3 Mercury Trigger
R74324A2 Mecrury Trigger 2 Cyl
R74367A 9 Mercury Stator
R74367A15 Mercury Stator
R76314A 3 Mercury Stator
R804505M Mariner/Yamaha Lighting Coil
R814987 Mercury Ignition
R822884 Mercury Ignition
R823030 Mercury Stator
R823034 Mercury Ignition
R825076 Mercury Voltage Regulator
R825098 Mercury Switch Box
R825659 Mercury Stator
R825661 Mercury Trigger
R826061 Mercury Trigger
R827086T 1 Mariner/Yamaha Charge Coil
R827087M Mariner/Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R827088M Mariner/Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R827089M Mariner/Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R827136M Mariner/Yamaha Charge Coil
R827137M Mariner/Yamaha Lighting Coil
R827138M Mariner/Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R827399 Mercury Stator
R83281T Mariner/Yamaha Charge Coil
R83313M Mariner/Yamaha Charge Coil
R83314M Mariner/Yamaha Charge Coil
R83315M Mariner/Yamaha Charge Coil
R84125M Mariner/Yamaha Regulator
R84212M Mariner/Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R84-34229 Mercury Harness-Internal 1968
R84-60795 Mercury Harness
R84-73204 Mercury Harness
R84-75291 Mercury Engine Adapter Harness
R84-824456A 2 Mercury Harness
R84-824477A 4 Mercury Harness
R84877M Mariner/Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R84881M Mariner/Yamaha Lighting Coil
R849849 Mercury Digital Efi, A1-A14 (Reprogram Only))
R852664M Mariner/Yamaha Pulsar Coil
R86704T11 Mercury Battery Charge Stator
R91690T Mercury Stator
R91692 Mercury Trigger
R91694 Mercury Trigger
R91697T Mariner/Yamaha Lighting Coil
R92431A 6 Mercury Trigger
R980214 Wiring Harness
R98450 Mercury Trigger
RCU6415 Kokusan Cd Ign 2 Cyl Repair And Return
RF85095-2 Chrysler Stator
RLT300E Suzuki Atv Stator Lt300E
RTIA04-05 Suzuki 1982 140 /Hitachi 4 Cyl.