We understand that M.E.D.S. is a large investment for your business. More often than not a decision can’t be made until you are able to see the software in action.

With that said, we now have the ability to demonstrate the features of our industry-leading diagnostic system, M.E.D.S. right in front of you, live, through

the use of Go-To-Meeting™.

Let us walk you through M.E.D.S. screen by screen and answer any questions you may have.

Go-To-Meeting™ is simple to use – all you need is a computer, Internet service, and a phone.

All we need is 30 minutes of your time to watch the live demo and answer any questions you may have about our

industry-leading software, M.E.D.S.


1. Plan the event.

Call Tech Support at +1-866-423-4832 and let us know when you want to schedule your demonstration. This is your event; we are here to support you.

2. Receive an invitation.

You will receive an invitation (via email) with all of the log-in information necessary to participate in the event.

3. Log on and view demo.

Log on and call-in at the scheduled time and join us for your M.E.D.S. demonstration.


Call or Email Tech Support to schedule your live demo.

P: +1 (866) 423-4832