2018 New Products

CDI Electronics strives to release top quality ignition components each year in order to provide the best selection of ignition components in the industry. Below you will find the products we have released in 2018.

117-0008   CDI Unit Assembly, Yamaha, 2 Cyl.
117-0009   CDI Unit Assembly, Yamaha, 2 Cyl.
118-0002   CDI Unit Assembly, Suzuki, 1 Cyl.
119-0003   CDI Ignition Unit, Tohatsu & Nissan
130-0001   Knock Sensor, Honda
Ignition Coils
178-0003   Coil, Ignition Primary, Suzuki, 2 Cyl.
180-0001   Ignition Coil, Honda
180-0002   Ignition Coil, Honda
183-0002   Ignition Coil, Johnson/Evinrude
183-0003   Ignition Coil, Johnson/Evinrude
184-0005   Ignition Coil, Mercury, Optimax
184-0006   Ignition Coil, Mercury
Spark Plug Wires
631-0027   Volvo Penta 4 Cyl. Spark Plug Wire Set
934-0002   High Performance Optimax Spark Plug Wire Sets, Mercury
934-0003   High Performance Optimax Spark Plug Wire Sets, Mercury
934-0004   High Performance Optimax Spark Plug Wire Sets, Mercury
Inboard Ignitions
E13-0012   Pickup Coil Sensor, Inboard Ignitions
E18-0010   Ignition Coil
E18-0011   Ignition Coil
E64-0012   Distributor Cap
E64-0016   Distributor Cap
E64-0017   Distributor Cap
E65-0010   Reluctor Wheel
E65-0011   Rotor
E65-0012   Rotor
E65-0013   Rotor
E65-0014   Rotor
E65-0015   Rotor
E66-0021   Tune Up Kit
E66-0022   Tune Up Kit
E66-0023   Tune Up Kit
E66-0024   Contact Set
E66-0025   Contact Set
E66-0026   Tune Up Kit
E66-0027   Tune Up Kit
E66-0028   Tune Up Kit
E66-0029   Tune Up Kit
E66-0030   Tune Up Kit
E66-0031   Tune Up Kit
E66-0032   Tune Up Kit
E66-0033   Tune Up Kit
E66-0034   Tune Up Kit
E66-0035   Tune Up Kit