Generate Service Revenue
Using the M.E.D.S. Check Report


The M.E.D.S. Check Report is a
Customizable and Comprehensive
Diagnostic and Engine History Report

In just a few seconds, you can download all the information stored in an ECU and present the data in a customized, professional manner for your customer.
Run a M.E.D.S. Check Report for each engine that enters your shop!

 MEDS 8.0 Dashboard w-MCheck (Snagit)
M.E.D.S. Check Runs with a Single Click from the Main Menu
  • Charge a “Diagnostic Fee” to Run the Test
  • Keep M.E.D.S. Check Reports for your Customer Files
  • Share with the Boat Owner (via email or printed copies)
  • Check Before / After Engine Status on Rentals, Trade-Ins and New Boats
  • Conduct Pre- and Post-Winterization Checks to Create Service Opportunities

M.E.D.S. Check allows you to generate revenue even when nothing is wrong with an engine!

A helpful and thorough report, mechanics everywhere are taking advantage of the M.E.D.S. Check Report to help service their customers better and generate more service revenue.
The M.E.D.S. Check Report includes:

 MEDS 8.0 Customize (Snagit)
Customize your M.E.D.S. Check Report by placing your
Shop Logo on each report.
  • Engine ECU System Information
  • Active Fault Codes
  • Fault History
  • Run Time History (by RPM Range)
  • Freeze Frame Records
  • M.E.D.S. System Information
 Use M.E.D.S. Check to identify problems before your customer experiences an emergency on the water.


Click Here to Download and Print a M.E.D.S. Check Sample Report

 Mechanics are using M.E.D.S. Check Reports to Make Money!

    We are getting some really positive feedback by providing the M.E.D.S. Check Reports to our customers…
                                                                                                                – Repair Technician – Carlsbad, CA

    I have made more money for my service shop with M.E.D.S. in one year than the last five years combined…
                                                                                                                – Marine Shop Repair Owner