The M.E.D.S. Trade-in Promotion

February 10th – May 15th | Hurry While Supplies Last

Are you unhappy with your choice of diagnostic tool? Many dealers have complained to us that they no longer receive support for their diagnostic tool and it never performed all the functions they were promised. If your tool is collecting dust in the corner of your shop, now is your opportunity to convert that failed investment into a usable asset for your service business. CDI Electronics will accept trade-ins of any common diagnostic system (STATS, API, Rhinda, OEM, etc.) in exchange for a 25% discount on a M.E.D.S. Bundle. This is the largest discount CDI has ever provided for a M.E.D.S. purchase and can save you up to $1,300 on a M.E.D.S. Bundle.

Trade-In Steps

1) Secure a M.E.D.S. Trade-In Voucher from your favorite Distributor Salesman or click here to download one now.
2) Place an order for one of the three M.E.D.S. Bundles shown below.
3) Complete the Tradein Voucher and send it with your tradein unit to CDI Electronics: Attention M.E.D.S. TradeIn Promotion.
4) Upon receipt of your tradeinCDI will verify your order with the Distributor and ship M.E.D.S. directly to you within 24 hours.
5) Start using the best Aftermarket Diagnostic System and Make More Service Money with M.E.D.S.

M.E.D.S. Bundles: 

Click Here to Review the M.E.D.S. Buying Guide and a Description of Each Bundle Package