Ignition Coil 2 Cyl.

Part Number: 189-3381
Part Services The Following Manufacturer(s): Tohatsu & Nissan


Tohatsu & Nissan (1993-2016 (9.9,15 & 18HP) 2-Stroke) Mercury (Fits Most: 2002-2006 (25,30 & 40HP) 4-Stroke Engines)


16064T02, 16064T03, 16064T05, 18-5166, 189-3381, 362060500M, 362-06050-1, 3G2-06040-0, 3G2060400M, 3G206-0400M, 3G2-06040-1, 3G2060401M, 3G206-0401M, 3G2-06040-2, 3G2060402M, 3G206-0402M, 3G2-06050-0, 3G2060500M, 3G206-0500M, 3G2-06050-1, 3G2060501M, 3G206-0501M, 3G2-06053-0, 3G2060530M, 3G206-0530M, 3M3060482M, 8M0047311

189-3381 Fits the Following Engines:

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