Ignition Pack 2 Cyl.

Part Number: 119-2402
Part Services The Following Manufacturer(s): Tohatsu & Nissan


1983-1997 (25HP) 2-Stroke


119-2402, 346-06260-1, 34606-2601, 346062601M, 346-06260-2, 34606-2602, 346062602M, 3A106-22402, 3A1-06240-2, 3A106-2402, 3A1062402M, 3A1-06260-0, 3A106-2600, 3A1062600M, 3A1-06260-1, 3A106-2601, 3A1062601M, 3A1-06260-2, 3A106-2602, 3A1062602M

119-2402 Fits the Following Engines:

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