CDI Electronics Completes Move to New Facility

HUNTSVILLE, AL, January 8, 2013 — CDI Electronics is pleased to announce it has recently relocated to a new facility located at 353 James Record Road SW, Huntsville, AL 35824. This move comes 30 years after the company was founded and five years after the current owners took the reins of the company. The move will accommodate growth and enable the company to continue to maintain superior customer service to its continually expanding customer base.

The new building is a state-of-the-art facility designed for manufacturing electronic components and is 50% larger than the combined spaces the company was occupying. With this move, the company now has over 45,000 sq ft of space. Along with the move came upgrades to manufacturing equipment, testers, phone systems and many other aspects of the company that will help with the continuous improvement of its products and services. “This facility will allow us to further enhance our product line and provide an even higher level of service and technical support to our customers” said Barry Neal, President.


Headquartered in Huntsville, AL, CDI Electronics is the largest US manufacturer of outboard engine ignition systems and the developer of the innovative M.E.D.S. engine diagnostic software. Through its comprehensive product offering and high quality ignition components, CDI is regarded as the industry experts in marine ignition systems.