CDI Electronics, M.E.D.S. Check Report is a customizable and comprehensive engine history report. In just seconds you can run a M.E.D.S. Check Report for each applicable engine that enters your shop. M.E.D.S. Check Report includes the engine serial data, configuration data, current fault readings, and run time history which features RPM levels the boat has run down to the second, and much more.

Let your customer’s know about the M.E.D.S. Check Report.

It’s simple. If they don’t know about it, how can they decide to purchase it? This goes for all the services you have to offer. If you already have a sign displaying your services, add a line for “Engine Diagnostic Test.” When customers ask you what comes with the test, be prepared with the answer. You could even have a sample M.E.D.S. Check Report on hand for them to look through.






Build trust with your customers.

Like it or not, the fact is most consumers are weary of what mechanics have to say. By running and presenting them with a M.E.D.S. Check Report you now have proof that what you’re telling them is the truth. 

Offer a “Free Inspection” with every oil change.

I know what you’re thinking, “If I’m offering a “Free Inspection,” where does the money making part come in?” Since it only takes seconds to run a M.E.D.S. Check Report, if the report identifies a problem with your customer’s engine, you make money repairing it, while helping your customers avoid issues down the road.

Target customers who are purchasing a used boat as well as those selling their boat.

Let’s say someone is in the market to buy a used boat. Give them peace of mind by offering a pre-purchase inspection from your factory trained technicians. Afterwards, present them with the M.E.D.S. Check Report which will show them everything they need to know about the engine they will be purchasing. 

On the flip side of that, say you’re customer is interested in selling their boat. If they purchase a M.E.D.S. Check Report, they will be able to advertise the exact condition of the boat, which will hopefully provide them with a quick sale.

 Offer a M.E.D.S. Check Report for Pre-Winterizing

Charge a fee to run a M.E.D.S. Check Report so your customer knows the condition of their boat before it is put into storage for the winter. It can be “peace of mind” to your customers to know that their boat will be ready when it’s time to take it out on the water again in the spring.