Make Money With MEDS




The M.E.D.S. Check Report is a customizable and comprehensive engine history report. In just seconds, run a M.E.D.S. Check Report for each engine that enters your shop.
  • Charge a “Diagnostic Fee” to run the test
  • Keep for your files
  • Share with the boat owner
  • Check before / after status on Rentals, Trade-Ins and New Boats

M.E.D.S. Check Report includes the engine serial data, configuration data, current fault readings, and run time history which features the RPM levels the boat has run down to the second, and much more. 

A helpful and thorough report, mechanics everywhere are taking advantage of the M.E.D.S. Check Report to help service their customers better. A sample of our M.E.D.S. Check Report can be seen below.