M.E.D.S. Installation and Product Activiation Instructions

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NOTE: If you have purchased the M.E.D.S. software and you have a disc instead of a USB drive in your kit, contact CDI Electronics at (866) 423.4832 to receive a link to the current version. Please have proof of purchase ready at the time of your call.

M.E.D.S. System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or Higher Operating System for Computers
  • Tablets Running Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 Pro with USB port (Note: Tablets running Windows 8 RT will not run M.E.D.S. Processor must be I5 Dual Core @ 2.5 Ghz or better.)
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • USB Drive
  • Intel I5 Core Processor @ 2.5 Ghz or greater. Recommended I7 Quad Core @ 2.5 Ghz or greater
  • 10 GByte of Free Hard Disk Space, Recommended 50 GBytes or greater
  • 2 GByte of RAM, Recommended 6 GBytes or greater

Before Getting Started

  • Make sure your computer’s software is fully updated with the latest Windows updates.
  • Temporarily turn off any virus protection software or firewall running on your computer to ensure that M.E.D.S. installs correctly.
  • Check that you have all of the contents of your M.E.D.S. product nearby, including all cables.
  • Uninstall any previous versions of M.E.D.S. software before installing your new M.E.D.S. software. To uninstall a previous version of M.E.D.S. go to: Start–>All Programs–>CDI Electronics–>Uninstall. All files and settings will then be removed from the system.

M.E.D.S. Software Installation and Activation Instructions

  • Insert the USB Drive you received with your system. Click “Open to View Files.” Click the “Double-click to install” icon contained on the USB Drive.
  • Follow the installer instructions. Accept all programs you are asked to install. Close the installer when it is complete. M.E.D.S. should now be installed and the M.E.D.S. icon should be visible on your desktop.
  • If during the M.E.D.S. installation procedure, you were asked to restart your computer, please restart it now.
  • Right click the M.E.D.S. icon and select “Run as Administrator” to start M.E.D.S.
  • Select the default language you wish to use for your M.E.D.S. platform installation and click OK. (This procedure assumes English language is selected)
  • MEDS Setup Screen
  • Enter your M.E.D.S. serial number provided in your M.E.D.S. package. NOTE: If you purchased a M.E.D.S. upgrade package you will need to contact CDI Electronics Technical Support at (866) 423-4832 to receive your serial number.
  • serial-number-window
  • Remove USB Drive and insert the M.E.D.S. Main Cable (the long harness with the USB connector)
  • When instructed, attach your M.E.D.S. cable(s) to be registered and click OK. The software will ask for cables to be registered one at a time. Please note, the CANbus cable driver may be slow to install and may not immediately be detected.
  • Register System Cables
  • Example:
  • System Cable Successfully Registered
  • When all cables are registered select DONE to exit cable registration, otherwise connect the next cable and select OK.
  • MEDS Register System Cables
  • The M.E.D.S. software license registration window will open. Please enter the requested registration information. The serial number you entered earlier should appear on the form. Click the register button to register M.E.D.S.
  • registration-window
  • On the Validation Notice Window, select a machine profile to activate and click OK. NOTE: Your M.E.D.S. can be loaded on up to three computers. If this is the first computer, please select 1(any), 2nd computer select 2, and 3rd computer select 3.
  • MEDS Validation Notice
  • M.E.D.S. will start after it is successfully registered and activated.   

M.E.D.S. Uninstall Process

Should you ever desire to completely remove the M.E.D.S. software from your computer, start the uninstall program. (Start–>All Programs–>CDI Electronics–>Uninstall). All files and settings will then be removed from the system.