CDI Offers the Deepest Coverage of Ignition Parts for Yamaha Outboards

Both the 117-6H5-02 and the 117-63D-04 CDI Yamaha ignition packs are designed to remedy an inherent problem found on the OEM design. The OEM design of this 3 cylinder ignition system is subject to high failure largely due to moisture (such as humidity) penetrating the variable timing sensor. Plus, that timing sensor is connected to the engine throttle linkage arm, and it is under a lot of lateral stress during normal operation.

So, what does this mean? When this ignition would fail, you would end up with a high speed miss, the engine would not advance timing, or the engine would not start, leaving your customer frustrated.

The CDI ignition pack contains a digitally-controlled NON-CONTACT design to the circuit of the timing sensor linkage, eliminating the moisture issues found on the OEM design! Basically, we made this ignition system water resistant.

With this new design from CDI Electronics we eliminated the problems you would face when the original OEM failed. This is another example of how we are known as the proven solution provider.

Click here to view the 117-6H5-02 CDI ignition pack for Yamaha

Click here to view the 117-63D-04 CDI ignition pack for Yamaha.


The 117-6H5-02 is designed to replace Yamaha P/N 6H5-85540-02-00 that fits 1989 through 1994, 40HP and 50HP, 2-stroke engines.

The 117-63D-04 is designed to replace Yamaha P/N 63D-85540-00(01,02,03,04)-00 that fits 1995 through 2010, 40HP and 50HP, 2-stroke engines.


We are continuing to expand our line of Yamaha outboard ignition components to support service professionals. As the older Yamaha engines are entering their service life, we offer a broad coverage of parts that are available in stock, to keep your customer on the water. 


Our line of Yamaha stators are designed for years of operation. We have designed our stators to run cooler under normal engine conditions. Excessive heat is the number one reason most ignition products fail.
Ignitions: The CDI engineering staff has designed our Yamaha ignitions to the highest quality standards. Many of their ignition designs incorporate the modern technology of microprocessor circuits, which provide a more reliable product that will last for years.
Regulator/Rectifiers:  The CDI regulators are designed to operate under the harshest conditions of the battery charging circuit. Many boat owners are unaware of how important the correct marine rated battery is to the life of their engine.
Ignition Coils: We carry ignition coils for many of the Yamaha outboards. We are continuing to expand our Yamaha ignition coil coverage.  

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