CDI Stators – Better Than the OEM

We not only make parts the OEM has stopped producing, but we have a dedicated team of experts who have a deep understanding of ignition components and how to improve upon the OEM design. Below are some of the ways we have been able to improve the design of stators so you can keep your customer’s boat on the water.   


OEM PROBLEM: Corroded lead wires on the OEM Stator.

CDI SOLUTION: All electrical components, including stators, manufactured by CDI Electronics are designed with flame-proof, tin-coated, solvent-resistant lead wires. The wire is durable and corrosion-proof in the environment of the outboard motor.

Reduced Heat by removing the nylon overcoat and tightening windings


Nylon overcoat and loose stator windings cause overheating.



CDI Stators are designed to have tighter windings and no nylon overcoat which allows heat to dissipate more efficiently from the windings during normal operation. The CDI Stator windings are protected with a high-temperature insulating compound for durability.

Cooler Operating Coil – through the use of larger magnet wire

OEM PROBLEM: Capacitor charge coils on the OEM Stators fail often.

CDI SOLUTION: CDI Stators are designed using larger magnet wire winding on their capacitor charge coils. Larger magnet wire results in less electrical current flow, producing a cooler operating coil. This design will prolong the life of this critical source of power for the ignition system.


Designed for Multiple Applications – reducing the number of parts you have to stock

OEM PROBLEM: Too many stator part numbers to stock in the service department.

CDI SOLUTION: Many of the stators designed by CDI Electronics are developed for multiple applications, reducing your need for excess inventory. Simple detailed instructions are included in each stator package to explain how to connect the unit to your application.

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