Buying Guide


CDI Electronics Provides Several Options to Acquire M.E.D.S. for Your Shop:

Option 1:  Buy an Individual M.E.D.S. Engine Platform

Option 2:  Buy a M.E.D.S. Bundle and Save 5%

Option 3:  Mix and Match Platforms for Your Shop’s Specific Needs

 Option 1:  M.E.D.S. Individual Platforms
            Engine Platform               Purchased
     Purchased as an          
      Add-On / Upgrade(1)         
  Mercury (w/o G3) 531-0118M 531-0119M
  Mercury (Including G3)  531-0118M2       531-0119M2 (2)
  Yamaha 531-0118Y 531-0119Y
  Johnson/Evinrude  531-0118B 531-0119B
  Suzuki 531-0118S 531-0119S
  Honda / Tohatsu 531-0118H 531-0119H
  MEFI 1-4 Gas Inboard 531-0118I4 531-0119I4
  CANbus Engines 531-0118I5 531-0119I5
  Volvo Penta Diesels 531-0118V 531-0119V
  SeaDoo (Available Jan. 1, 2019) 531-0118SD 531-0119SD

(1) An Engine Platform Add-On/Upgrade can only be purchased if you already own an Individual Platform or a Bundle Platform

(2) Includes G3 platform only

 Option 2: Buy a M.E.D.S. Bundle and Save 5% * All bundle packages include Mercury G3                                                                  
Name        Part Number    Bundle Includes: MEDS Cable Holder 511-0001
  Outboard Bundles
  OB T Bundle 531-0200T   Mercury, Yamaha
  OB T1 Bundle 531-0200T1   Mercury, Yamaha, Johnson/Evinrude
  OB T2 Bundle 531-0200T2   Mercury, Yamaha, J/E, Suzuki
  OB T3 Bundle 531-0200T3   Mercury, Yamaha, J/E, Suzuki, Honda
   Outboard + Inboard Bundles
  I+O T Bundle 531-0500T   Mercury, Yamaha, J/E, Suzuki, Honda, MEFI 1-4
  I+O T1 Bundle 531-0500T1   Mercury, Yamaha, J/E, Suzuki, Honda, MEFI 1-4, CANbus 
  I+O T2 Bundle           531-0500T2   Mercury, Yamaha, J/E, Suzuki, Honda, MEFI 1-4, CANbus, Volvo Diesel                        
Professional Bundle 531-0500T3  Mercury, Yamaha, J/E, Suzuki, Honda, SeaDoo, MEFI 1-4, CANbus  

The M.E.D.S. Tactisling Carry Bag (PN 511-0001, shown to the right which includes the M.E.D.S. Cable Organizer) is Provided Free with the Purchase of any T Bundle Package.

 Option 3: Mix and Match Custom Packages for Your Specific Needs
  Package Description            Package Includes These Part Numbers:                                                      
  Older Mercury & BRP Only Package:
  Mercury Individual + BRP   531-0118M  +  531-0119B
  Foreign Outboards Package:
  Yamaha Individual + Suzuki + Honda       531-0118Y  +  531-0119S  +  531-0119H
  Inboard Only Package:
  CANbus Individual + MEFI 1-4 + Volvo Diesel      531-0118I5  +  531-0119I4  +  531-0119V


 Additional M.E.D.S. Purchase Options
  Part Number    Package Includes:
  533-0111    BRP Power Connection Cable used to power the EMM unit on BRP outboard with manual start / pull start features. This power cable allows for M.E.D.S. diagnostic troubleshooting.
  511-0001   M.E.D.S. Tactisling Carry Bag & Adapter Cable Management System
  531-0119L1   French Language Add-on
  531-0119L2   Spanish Language Add-on
  531-0119L3   French and Spanish Language Add-on
  531-0119U   Software-Only Upgrade for Existing M.E.D.S. Owners with Versions Prior to 6.0
  Upgrade to the Latest Version of M.E.D.S. to Receive an Improved Graphical Presentation and                           
  Upgraded M.E.D.S. Check Reports


  What is Included with My M.E.D.S. Purchase?
  Each M.E.D.S Individual Platform or
  Bundle Comes with:
                    System Cables                                               Adapter Cables              
 1) M.E.D.S. System Cable(s) which plug into your
     Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet Computer
     via the USB Port
    MEDS System Cables     MEDS Adapter Cables

 2) Diagnostic Port Adapter Cables
     for the Engine Types you have Purchased

 3) Three Installations of the M.E.D.S. Software on Flash Drive.    
     Help Files are Onboard and Inline with M.E.D.S.
     (You can request an internet download from Technical
     Support by providing proof of purchase)
 4) A Hard Carrying Case or
     the M.E.D.S. Tactisling Bag, Depending on the
     Number of Platforms you Purchase


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