Ignition Service School


CDI Electronics is fully committed to training marine technicians to accurately and efficiently diagnose and fix marine ignition problems. When technicians fully understand how ignition systems work and how to properly diagnose problems, they fix the problem right the first time. This commitment has led us to conduct our Electronic Ignition Service School. This is a comprehensive four day, 40 hour class that dives into the details about how to diagnose and repair all types of outboard ignition problems. This class is so good that many technicians come back every few years to learn more each time.

The class focuses on:

  •  Basic Electrical Concepts: Basic Concepts of Current, Voltage, Diodes, etc.
  •  Boat-Tronics 101: Batteries, Ignition Systems, Coils, etc.
  •  Outboard EFI Systems: Sensors, Fuel Flow, EFI System Principals
  •  Direct Fuel Injection Technology: Principals of DFI and HPDI Engines
  •  M.E.D.S. Diagnostic Software Training

Hands-on instruction in our Engine Lab that houses over 20 power heads.



Registration for our 2015 CDI Electronics Electrical Ignition Service School will be opening in September, 2014.