Ignition Service School



There will be no classes offered for 2019. Our team is busy working on a new and improved Troubleshooting Guide that will be out in late Spring and will also be improving our class offering for 2020. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

CDI Electronics is fully committed to training marine technicians to accurately and efficiently diagnose and fix marine ignition problems. When technicians fully understand how ignition systems work and how to properly diagnose problems, they fix the problem right the first time. This commitment has led us to conduct our Electronic Ignition Service School.

This year we are offering three different classes. Whether this is your first time learning about electronic ignitions systems or you are a seasoned mechanic, we have a class that is right for you! See below for more details.

101 – 3 Day Beginner Class

  • AC Versus DC Voltage
  • DVA Explained
  • Basic Multimeter Functions
  • Testing Parts on the Engine Versus the Bench
  • Calculating Current Flow

201 – 5 Day Intermediate Class

This is a comprehensive five day, 40 hour class that dives into the details about how to diagnose and repair all types of outboard ignition problems. This class is so good that many technicians come back every few years to learn more each time.

  •  Basic Electrical Concepts
  •  Boat-Tronics 201
  •  Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Direct Fuel Injection
  • 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Outboard
  • M.E.D.S. Diagnostic Software

301 – 4 Day Advanced Class

  • Advanced Diagnostic Troubleshooting
  • Boat-Tronics 301
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Direct Fuel Injection
  • 4-Stroke Outboard
  • M.E.D.S. Diagnostic Software
Hands-on instruction in our Engine Lab that houses over 20 power heads.