2019 New Products

CDI Electronics strives to release top quality ignition components each year in order to provide the best selection of ignition components in the industry. Below you will find the products we have released in 2019.

117-0010 Ignition Pack, Yamaha, Enduro
137-0003 Pulser Coil, Yamaha Enduro
177-0012 Charge Coil, Yamaha, Enduro
177-0013 Lighting Coil, Yamaha, Enduro
178-0003 Ignition Coil, Suzuki, Primary
184-0002 Ignition Coil, Mercury, Verado
184-0005 Ignition Coil, Mercury, Optimax
187-0011 Ignition Coil, Yamaha, Enduro
197-0002 Voltage Regulator, Yamaha, 2 Cyl.
531-0118SD M.E.D.S. – SeaDoo
531-0119SD M.E.D.S. Upgrade – SeaDoo
531-0500T3 M.E.D.S. PKG, Pro Bundle
K12-0100 RGB LED Controller 12A Single Zone
K11-0100 Stainless Steel Beverage Holder, RGB
K11-0101 Plastic Beverage Holder, RGB
E64-0017 Distributor Cap